"Enhancing your client's outcome by creating a synergistic relationship
between law and medicine."

     Audrey Uber has seven years of experience in a variety of areas which include Emergency Medicine, Med-Surg, Telemetry, and Critical Care. She currently is employed as a staff RN in two Emergency Departments in Southern New Jersey. Audrey is also an active Legal Nurse Consultant and President of Uber Legal Nurse Consultants LLC.

     She first obtained an Associate degree in Forensic Science and Biotechnology and then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After working for several years as a staff RN, Audrey wanted to be able to use her strengths in medical knowledge, attention to detail, forensic background and problem solving with her love to investigate, care for others and advocate for those in need. She decided to enroll in The Vickie Milazzo Institute to obtain her certification as a Legal Nurse Consultant in order to fulfill her true passions and desires.

     Her background in forensic science is one unique difference that sets her apart from other Legal Nurse Consultants. Many times the facts of a case aren’t written in black and white, but are hidden between the lines. This is where Audrey’s trained forensic eye gives her an advantage over others. Her ability to hone in on the most important details of a case along with being an actively practicing RN, Audrey is able to provide attorneys with accurate, detailed, and up-to-date reports and consultations.

Audrey Uber RN, BSN, CLNC

President of Uber Legal Nurse Consultants LLC

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